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Special Olympics Malta officials and athletes to receive training by former US Olympic swimming champion

Over the coming three days Special Olympics Malta officials and athletes will receive training from former US Olympic swimming champion Donna de Varona and three special sport envoys from the United States.

The four US athletes are in Malta through the initiative of the US Embassy as part of a special programme run by the US Sport Department.

In launching the programme US Embassy Charge’ d’Affaires, Mark Shapiro, said the programme will focus on the inclusive values of persons with disabilities being active and coming together through sport.

Michelle Muscat, President of Special Olympics Malta expressed her gratitude to the US Embassy. Between today and Friday swimming lessons will be organised and educational themes will be presented to officials from the Ministry for Education, physical training teachers and students training to become teachers and coaches for Special Olympics Malta.

Ms Muscat said that despite Malta’s small size and limitations, in the last Special Olympics held at Abu Dhabi earlier this year, Maltese athletes won 40 medals and are now preparing for the European and World Games.