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Attitude of Europe towards migrants is shameful – Bishop Grech

Gozo Bishop Mario Grech stated that the general attitude of Europe towards the migrants exodus in scandalous and shameful. He added that the lack of sincerity and political will by the European institutions led to some countries to take measures that prohibit these migrants from being saved and stopped the rescue operations at sea by non-governmental organisations.

During a Homily at the Kerċem feast, Bishop Grech stated that Malta has already received its quota, while he criticized Europe that if it continues to be the Europe of Cain, it is an accomplice in this genocide. He said that the lack of will showed by Europe to address this humanitarian crisis unveils that it is seriously sick.

The Gozo Bishop added that this criminal behaviour by Europe should never justify that the Maltese make choices with which they endanger the lives of these migrants. He appealed to the Government and the Opposition not to surrender to populism, comparing this issue with an inhuman plot which may be compared with the deportation of Jews to Nazi concentration camps during World War II.

Bishop Grech stated that it is worrying that in our society we have this racism and indifference, even among church people who, he said, are being influenced with all this and mentioned the appeal he made a while ago, so that the parish communities adopt migrant families, were not listened to because in Gozo only two families were adopted.