Attractive character reminds students to be aware of Covid-19

Lorme character has this scholastic year joined secondary students and educators of De La Salle college in a bid to assist students to be aware of the needed precautions on Covid-19.

Lorme was created by laboratory technician Mario Cocker who said that the character is inspired from a 17th Century French doctor, Charles de Lorme, who had created a mask with a bird face to protect himself against the plague. “I wanted this for today’s students…however when you look at him, you also smile”.

Drama and LSA teacher, Charles Grogan, said that society has the advantage that it may access information from the social media in contrast to Lorme’s times. “In those days they didn’t known how this disease is transmitted; today we know even through the social media, tv and Facebook”.

All students have now returned to school. We asked De La Salle students from which source they inform themselves about the pandemic. Watch what they said: