Australians urged to eat more kangaroo meat

In Australia, ecologists are warning that the number of Kangaroos in the wild is no longer sustainable and are urging Australians to eat more Kangaroo meat – the national symbol of this faraway country. The commercial kangaroo meat industry began 60 years ago and now accounts for one third of world exports including Malta.

In Australia there are an estimated 50 million kangaroos in the wild, double the amount of people in the country.

In the last decade the population of kangaroos in Australia nearly doubled and this led to Australian authorities promoting this animal meat, so much so that every year three thousand tons are exported annually to more than 60 countries including Malta.

While only four species of kangaroo can be used commercially, the lean meat of this animal is considered nutritious, as explained by chef Glenn Micallef.

Glenn Micallef said “How does kangaroo fillet compare with other red meat? It only has a little fat – around 2%”.

Like any other red meat, health experts stress moderation and recommend that people do not eat more than 455 grams per week.

Another meat which is held in high regard and which like kangaroo meat is more expensive than other meat, is known as Wagyu which in Japanese means “Japanese cow. The villagers of black cows are devoted to them and known to keep them in mountainous areas so much so that when it is hot they give them a cool drink.

Both types of meat will be among hundred different dishes cooked and prepared by 80 Maltese and foreign chefs during the international food festival that will run until Sunday in Mdina Ditch.

This year the organizers have joined ALS Malta to organize “Malta’s most wanted cook” by facing off four personalities every night. The public have a chance to judge which of them is the most talented.

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