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Austria discusses an early election

In Austria, President Van der Bellen is today expected to discuss the holding of an early election with Chancellor Sebastian Kurz following yesterday’s resignation of Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Stache in connection with a corruption scandal.

The resignation followed the release of a video showing Stache, who leads the Freedom Party, discussing a government contract with what is alleged to be a Russian investor.

Strache defended himself by saying he was drunk and acted as an adolescent, while describing his attitude as stupid and irresponsible. He stated that he resigned to avoid further damage to the government.

The Austrian chancellor said that he had to take immediate action following the Vice Chancellor’s behaviour and called for an early election.

Kurz stated that the Stache video shows the bad attitude of abuse of power adding that he personally felt insulted by the video.

President der Bellen said that an early election is now necessary.

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