Author with Muslim roots warns about “split” between Muslims in Malta

An author with Muslim roots, who has been living in Malta for the past 30 years, warned against what he called The Second Mosque in Malta, and stressed that he would be doing everything possible to deny them what he referred to as “the dividing mosque”.

Walid Nabhan is the son of Palestinian parents and has spent his childhood in Amman, Jordan. Later, towards the seventies, he found refuge in Malta, and today he even has Maltese citizenship.

Nabhan, who has also written a number of books in Maltese, had strong words about the members of the Malta Muslim Council, who have appeared in public in recent weeks following the issue of Friday prayers in front of Msida church.



“An Agenda to split the Muslim Community in Malta”

isallu“From the faces I saw, and I know all of them well, this doesn’t appear to be a good thing. I had kicked some of them out of my house years ago, not only because of the lack of understanding on primitive ideas and the harsh Islam they are proposing, but rather because I felt at once that they had an agenda to split the Muslim community in Malta. And they might succeed, up to a point, as they now have a gathering, and a Council, and microphones”, Mr Nabhan stated, adding that all they need now is a minaret from which to be able to educate us and teach us what type and thickness of cloth we have to  garb ourselves in to reach the gates of heaven.

There is no more moderate Islam than the one at Paola

Nabhan makes a big distinction between the Muslim community at Paola and the members of the Malta Muslim Council. He argues that as far as he is aware there is no more moderate Islam in Malta than the one at Paola, which he feels some Maltese, perhaps even himself, are viewing as rigid and not understanding that the other side are trying to set up a mosque. He said that one of them had resigned from a committee run by him as he wanted to remove the Cross from the Maltese flag.

“At Paola we find someone to talk to.  We may not agree, or we may go for a second meeting, but with these ‘padlocks’ I doubt whether you will be allowed to say your piece”, Nabhan said.  These are the same people who had silenced Simone Zammit Endrich, a Maltese woman who embraces the Islamic religion, after she started speaking about certain things, many of which were true.

Nabhan said that if expansion was needed, even if minor, this should be carried out through dialogue and civilised meetings and talks, and with recognised officials who are ‘known to us’, and not with those who, in his words, turn up at night and without an appointment.

Nabhan said that at Paola he was still respected as an author, despite his verbosity. He admitted, on the other hand, that if he were to fall into the hands of the ‘Council’, which he only became aware of yesterday, they would probably make ‘educational’ mincemeat out of him for YouTube purposes. He added that he was going to try everything possible to deny them this “dividing” mosque.


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