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Authors from nine countries take part in Mediterranean literature festival

The 14th edition of the Mediterranean literature festival organised by Inizjamed is currently under way, with a number of events which incliude activities for the public at the Valletta Contemporary. Twelve authors from nine countries are taking part in this edition of the festival, which is discussing how literature and the development of society can become one.

Can literary work ever be universal and remain relevant, irrespective of the time and place of its conception? How is literature associated with retention of the status quo or change? Wht role do readers have in literature? And how can authors, editors, researchers and contributors improve writing in Maltese and English on the internet?

These re some of the themes being discussed during the Mediterranean literature festival, which will continue to seek answers to some of the most current themes in literature.  Authors from Malta,Cameroonn, India, Venezuela, Germany, Italy, the UK and Spain are taking part in the festival.

Spanish author Yolanda Castano, from Spain’s Galicia region, has been publishing her poems for 25 years. She writes in her native tongue, Galician, which is one of Spain’s four official languages. She says she feels proud to be contributing to keeping this language alive, although she translates her works into Spanish.

“I can only deal with good Spanish, because my command in Spanish is perfect, I am bilingual, that is why this is the only language that I can self translate, but I’m also being translated into English, French, Italian, and these days into Maltese as well,” Castano added.

Leanne Ellul from Inizjamed explained that the festival celebrates multiculturalism although its dimension is Mediterranean. “These are subjects which affect everybody, literature gets us closer together, but not only… in fact another event which unites the general public with authors is the Free Stage (Palk Ħieles).

Leanne Ellul explained that the Palk Ħieles activity held on Wednesday at the Valletta Contemporary was open to the public for them to contribute with any artistic means of their choice. Until Saturday three nights are being held at Fort St Elmo, with reading of works translated by their authors, together with music and the showing of films based on poetry and reading activities for children.

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