Average age of Covid-19 cases in Malta has been between 20 and 35 years

Public Health Superintendent Professor Charmaine Gauci stated that there have been 448 cases of coronavirus in Malta, with the first case being registered on 7 March.

Professor Gauci added that over 28,000 tests have been carried out during this period. In line with the tendency in other countries, 60% of Covid-19 cases in Malta have been males, with only 40% being females. The highest number of cases originated in the centre of the island.

The Public Health Superintendent further stated that the average age of Covid-19 cases in Malta ranged between 20 and 35 years, adding that not many elderly persons were infected by the virus, which shows that measures taken to safeguard the elderly have worked.

Professor Gauci declared that the majority of cases experienced mild symptoms, and were treated in their own homes. A few of the cases needed hospital treatment, and only one case needed to be put on a ventilator.

Apart from the news that no new case of coronavirus has been identified, another 33 persons have been declared as recovered over the past 24 hours, boosting the number of those who recovered from Covid-19 to 282 persons.

Professor Gauci stated that 162 active cases remain, adding that those who have recovered can go back into the community, but care has to be exercised as research on immunity is still uncertain, and it is important for measures to continue to be observed.



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