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Installation of large awnings over St James Ditch at an advanced stage

The main public bus terminal at Valletta’s St James Ditch is in the process of being equipped with two large awnings that will provide shelter for passengers against inclement weather conditions. Information monitors will be placed under the awnings showing route time-tables.

The project’s architect, Antoinette Conti, said the two structures will be a mixture of metal and glass panels and between them will stretch for a length of 200 metres. These will cover the terminal and the 14 inlets for route buses. She said the work will not involve the removal of any trees as these will be circumvented and help produce more light.

The structures will have display monitors providing information on routes and schedules.

The Transport Malta official responsible for public transport, Ivan Pierre Vella, said the structures have been designed to have less visual impact on the bastions and the project has been estimated to cost €400,000.

Regarding the use of public transport, Vella said that over the last two years this has increased by 11% every year and indications show this is likely to continue in the current year.

He said routes are being assessed for load capacities and how this is affecting the services provided. Amendments had been made in August and frequencies on some routes increased and the plan is that this will continue.

Vella said a new bus shelter has been installed at Portes des Bombes and this has set a new standard in this sphere.

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