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Reward for whoever catches this venomous fish in Maltese waters

Whoever catches the Lionfish species in Maltese waters will be awarded with an underwater camera or with cash money. The initiative is being taken by Professor Alan Deidun who is searching for this fish for his research work.

TVM spoke with Prof. Deidun who stated that there was a report today that this fish was caught in Maltese waters.

He stated that this species is alien to Malta and the Mediterranean, and forms part of 10% of alien species which became invasive. This is due to the accelerated spread of the species which has already become a problem in certain countries because this fish eats indigenous fish and spawns many eggs.

The Lionfish is very good to eat and is only venomous when it pierces a person after being touched. In fact, this fish is not poisonous/toxic such as the puffer fish, which one can catch without any danger, however it cannot be eaten.

The search for the Lionfish in Malta, which has two similar types, is part of the campaign Spot the Alien Fish.

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