August is showing its fangs! Today’s temperature felt like 40°C

Did you feel the heat today? Quite normal for this time of the year! The Met Office said today’s maximum reached 37 degrees Celsius but felt like 40 degrees. However, not only in Malta!

There is a Maltese saying that signifies that August does not love and respect itself because this is a month known for high temperatures and humidity and may also include a storm at random. However, at this time there is no indication of the latter and the recent high temperatures have caused the Directorate of Health for the Prevention of Disease to issue a public warning for people to take care of their health.

The Directorate said that such high temperatures cause lack of body liquidity at a rapid rate and may result in dehydration. This in turn may lead to strokes. No persons are exempt from these risks but the elderly, babies, young children and persons suffering chronic conditions or involved in hectic physical activities are more at risk.

The Directorate warned that persons should not expose between the crucial hours of between 11 am and 4 pm, people should walk in the shade, use protective creams and wear a hat. It was also suggested that people should stay in the cooler parts of the home or at their work place. In rooms where there is sunshine, curtains should be drawn closed. Water should be consumed regularly and those liquids that cause thirst should be avoided while light clothing should be worn.

The heatwave is not only affecting the Maltese Islands. Various European countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy and France are also suffering on what has been described as a heatwave, further aggravated by the wearing of pandemic protective clothing.

In Italy, soaring temperatures in Sardinia and the Abbruzzo Region have caused fires that have speedily spread with temperatures hitting 40 degrees Celsius. Germany is also experiencing temperatures that are climbing to 40 degrees while, like other countries, it has been striving to contain the pandemic spread.

Met experts said the heat has been caused by hot air spreading from Africa but is expected to slightly decrease at the beginning of this week.