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Baby hospitalized with meningitis bacteria

The Health Authorities confirmed that a baby was admitted in hospital with the meningitis bacteria.

They said that the type of meningitis which affected the baby was not contracted from the hospital and neither it is linked with the death of a four-year old boy, who died with meningitis some days ago.

The statement added that the two cases were not caused by the same bacteria and that the meningitis infection may be caused by different types of bacteria. The one affecting the baby is an infection which affects only babies in their first three months of life.

In Malta, some four cases of meningitis are reported in babies in a year.

This type of meningitis in babies may be treated by antibiotics and no vaccination exists as a preventive measure against the infection.

In order for a person to prevent such infections, the authorities said that one has to wash  hands frequently, especially if the person is in close contact with babies who are prone to the disease.

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