Bacon in Koran “an act of provocation and hatred” – Muslim community

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Malta has categorically condemned what it called an act of vilification of the Koran at Mater Dei hospital.

The Muslim community said in a statement that the act which was carried out yesterday in the multi-faith room at Mater Dei hospital was one of provocation and hatred. It said it was also worrying that whoever carried out this gesture also left a printed paper with a photograph of Father Jacques Hamel, who was murdered in France, with the words A Victim of Islam. The community added that this statement was unjust and very irresponsible. They added that the murdered priest was not a victim of Islam but rather, a victim of ignorance and of extremists who call themselves Muslims. They stated, however, that their actions were not justified according to the teachings of Islam and the Koran, the Muslim holy book.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Malta appealed to all the people to unite and build bridges of love and respect, and not walls of hatred.

Early this morning the Health Ministry condemned what it referred to as a degrading act.

This after a person or persons unknown placed pieces of bacon in a number of copies of the Koran. The Ministry expressed its displeasure and also expressed solidarity with the Muslim community, whilst condemning these irresponsible and cowardly acts. Archbishop Charles Scicluna also condemned this act, which he called an act of vilification against the Koran.

Mater Dei hospital authorities have reported the incident to the Police.