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Ball of the August Moon scheduled for first Saturday in August

The Ball of the August Moon is going to be held. The appointment is scheduled for 1 August at Verdala Palace in Buskett.

President George Vella has stated that this activity will give some breathing space to the Malta Community Chest Fund, with income from ticket sales going to the Foundation, which has fared badly in recent months because of the pandemic.

The pandemic had a bad effect on the Malta Community Chest Fund, as funds started to dry up because fund-raising activities had stopped. President Vella pointed out that more people in Malta were suffering from cancer, and new medicines for treatment were very costly.

“Last year we raised six million euro. This sum only suffices for six months, and I have to admit that we often have to resort to the Government to make up the difference.”

When launching another edition of the Ball of the August Moon, President Vella stressed on the need for such activities to pick up again, for donations to come in.

“I pray to God and augur we do not arrive at a state when we say funds have dried up. God forbid,” the President stated.

Marquis Daniel De Petri Testaferrata said the Ball of the August Moon would be held at Verdala Palace on Saturday 1 August. The Marquis reiterated that all directives by the health authority, including social distancing and hand washing, would be observed during the ball.

The ball had started being organised in the sixties, and is considered one of the highlights of the summer calendar.