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Balluta bay successfully passes test of first storm

Following yesterday’s cloudy and rainy weather, various bathers today went to the beaches, including Balluta Bay.

Balluta Bay has just been regenerated by natural sand with an area of 20 metres. This permitted bathers to have wider space in which they can enjoy the beauty of the bay.

Despite the fact that work on the bay was an experimental exercise to see how it can adapt to nature’s elements, the bay successfully passed the test of the first weather storm as this did not affect its sand which had just been laid.

The bay has been equipped with the necessary facilities, including showers for bathers and is having regular cleaning of the shore which is now being guarded by life-savers who assist swimmers in case of difficulties.

On Sunday, the day after the bay was opened for bathers, a black liquid was seen smearing by the stairs, with initial indications pointing to vandalism. However, later on it resulted that the liquid leaked from two ducts in the stairs that lead to the bay and possibly, it was dirty water from a rainwater culvert. The liquid was cleaned by workers of the foundation for touristic areas.

A Ministry of Tourism spokesperson told TVM that work is currently being done in bays for their upkeep.

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