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Balzan recalls arrival of Annunciation statue with devotional pilgrimage

The Balzan community has commemorated the arrival of the statue of Our Lady of the Annunciation among them with a devotional pilgrimage.  It is documented that the statue, the work of sculptor Salvatore Dimech, had arrived in Balzan on 28 March of 1869.

Balzan commemorated the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the statue. The titular statue of Our Lady of the Annunciation represents the event of the annunciation by the Archangel Gabriel.

Saint Gabriel is in front of Mary who is kneeling and accepting to be the mother of God. Carmel Bezzina, who carried out research about his village birthplace, said the statue arrived in Balzan on 28 March of 1869. The sculptor, Salvatore Dimech, also sculpted the statue of Santa Marija in Mosta.

Bezzina stated that “the Balzan Annunciation is what unites us as a community. Our forefathers chose this title when the parish was set up, then they built this temple, whose foundation stone is 350 years old this year. The statue arrived 150 years ago.”

The two Balzan bands accompanied the devotional pilgrimage.

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