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Banderas will be in Malta next week for Picasso series filming

The Malta Film Fund has been launched a €350,000 in grants to encourage Maltese film producers to produce original films. Meanwhile, TVM is informed that Spanish popular actor Antonio Banderas will be in Malta next week for the shooting of the TV series ‘Genius Picasso’.

The Films Commission, which administers the Malta Film Fund, this year will issue two expressions of interest for Maltese producers to apply for subsidy for their production. One of the expressions has been issued, while the other will be issued in summer.

Films Commissioner Johann Grech said: “there is the need of developing more ideas; the first expression will be issued today and another closes at the end of April, while the second opens in July and closes in September”.

Johann Grech said that Maltese film producers will greatly improve the level of local films with these grants.

Meanwhile, TVM spoke with Raymond Grech, who has been working in the films industry for many years owns a small company equipped with a 4K technology film studio. “In the past we used to re-shoot a sequence; it was expensive and time consuming. With today’s resources, the expected miracle has happened”, Grech said.

Grech showed us his company’s film studio, which he built with the most advanced technology – 4K – so that film producers before releasing their film to the public, can check it on the cinema’s professional screen.

Meanwhile, the Films Commission is preparing to welcome in Malta next week Spanish actor Antonio Banderas for the filming of part of the TV series ‘Genius Picasso’, in which he is interpreting the Spanish legendary painter, Pablo Picasso. The television series is expected to be transmitted on the National Geographic channel from the 24th of April this year.

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