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Bank error of $120,000 lands couple in court

In Pennsylvania, a couple were charged with theft after having spent thousands of dollars which were deposited into their bank account in error.

Robert and Tifanny received the $ 120,000 mistakenly and instead alerting the bank they decided to spend the money. According to their affidavit, the couple admitted that they knew the money was not theirs. Before the bank error in their favour, the had $ 1,000 in their bank account.

In addition to the theft accusation they were also accused of receiving stolen goods. They were granted bail after being arraigned in Court. The court heard how at the end of May they received the money in their bank account, money which was meant to be deposited in the account of an investment company. The error was noted on 20 June and the money taken from the bank account of the couple. However the couple had already managed to spend $ 107,000.

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