BBC orchestra to perform concert with music from Queen tonight at the Granaries

The BBC orchestra and a number of renowned singers will be delighting the audience tonight at the concert ‘It’s a kind of Magic’ at the Granaries in Floriana.

During a visit to the Granaries on the eve of the concert, the producer Anthony Cherry told Television Malta that whoever attends will be entertained by a spectacular show with the music by Queen which gave them such international success.

Minister Clayton Bartolo said that activities such as these are important not only for our country to come close to normality, but also to attract more tourists to Malta.

Speaking about what the audience should expect, Mr Cherry said,

“They should expect to be excited, wowed and moved, to hear all of their favourite Queen songs, but also to hear some of the music Queen were influenced by.. and it’s an interesting bunch of people, it goes from Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Lisa Minelli.. Killer Queen was actually written with Lisa Minelli in mind.”

While praising the stunning backdrop provided at the Granaries, the producer said this activity requires a lot of preparations, as there are more than 60 musicians and singers performing with the orchestra.

Minister Bartolo said that activities such as these are very important because they bring our country closer to normality while attracting more tourists to our country.

“All the indications are that September will be better than August when it comes to the number of visitors, and this continues to fill us with courage to keep investing in our product, a unique product which will be capable of helping us for tourism to be truly sustainable for the years to come. We hope to see the recovery of the tourism industry so that the economic and social sectors in our country can keep moving forward.”

Minister Bartolo added that in the near future more activities will be organised by the MTA to compensate for the void which the Covid-19 pandemic has left over the last few months.