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Mellieħa farmers request help to have removed a large rock that fell on their fields

Mellieħa farmers are waiting for a merciful helping hand to be able to continuing farming their fields without hindrance.

This after a one-ton rock broke off and fell on a farm and ended up in fields, in damaging water irrigation systems in Wied ta’ Ġnien Ingraw, not only renowned for its splendid scenery but also a cradle for the small fruit that is produced.

A small and typically traditional farm tucked under the rocks at Mellieħa’s Ġnien Ingraw was the victim when in September an enormous rock chunk dropped on the farm and ended up amidst fields.

Farm owner Sammy Vella said the rock has caused great damages to neighbouring fields in the valley. He said the rock fell on the farm, destroyed tunnels, broke two stone walls and ended up in fields. He said before this happened, farmers would drive in with their vehicles, pick up their products and depart.

Vella said the damages are even greater because the stone also crushed a tunnel that had been dug out many years ago by farmers and used to irrigate the fields with the water collected from rock seepage that then cascades down terraced fields. He said the farmers are waiting for assistance to restore normality.

He said he is not asking anything for his own farm but on behalf of the farmers because the rock fall has affected all the valley. He said the area is famed for its fruit products including figs, plums and other small fruits and the irrigated water enabled much fruit to find its way to the central vegetable market.

With all this in mind, Vella said that farming work is hard enough and the unexpected rock fall in September has made things harder for them and the hardship will remain unless the help they have requested is forthcoming.

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