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Be careful if you are passing through Triq Villambrosa in Hamrun

As can be seen by this photo which was posted on social media, the state of Triq Villambrosa in Hamrun is not safe at all.

Although access to this street has been closed off, the residents who live there still need to use it.

While one understands that roadworks need to be carried out, the residents said that they are still concerned about the poor state of this road. The open ditches are a danger to cars belonging to residents, and pedestrians have to maneuver their way by stepping on narrow strips of wood.

The residents are asking that, at least, sheets of steel should be placed over these ditches to allow them to pass, instead of the wood.

Triq Villambrosa is currently undergoing maintenance works.

Hamrun Councillor Jurgen Grixti, said he has contacted those responsible so that this situation can be addressed accordingly.