Belarus: Coronavirus surfaces in orphanage for disabled children

The coronavirus has surfaced in an orphanage for disabled children in Belarus, and at least 23 persons have been infected so far. A mix of 174 between children and adolescents with severe disabilities and a low immune system live in the Vesnova orphanage in the central Hlusk district.

Up to Thursday ten members of staff and 13 boys and girls haad tested positive for the coronavirus. The orphanage has appealed to the Belarus authorities to relocate the sick persons to hotels and other accommodation facilities.

The orphanage is supported by the Irish charity Chernobyl Children International and cares for abandoned children or children whose parents are too poor to support them.

The charity’s founder Adi Roche described the situation as critical, adding that some children were ‘very ill’. She added that the orphanage had taken steps to protect the children, but is facing difficulties because the children live in overcrowded dormitories.

The founder added that no pain-relieving or cough medicines are available, and she is worried because the disability severity means their chances of recovery are low.

The Belarus authorities have confirmed the virus surfaced at the orphanage, but have not disclosed the number of infected persons. According to information from Johns Hopkins University, there have been 8,773 cases of Covid-19 in Belarus, resulting in 67 deaths.


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