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Best restaurants in Malta and Gozo awarded for food and service

As Christmas is nearing, when restaurants are in full swing, operators of the most popular Maltese restaurants took a pause to celebrate their culinary variety during the annual awards ceremony to the best Maltese restaurants.

With a 20-year tradition, The Definitively Good Guide to Restaurants in Malta and Gozo this year chose 150 restaurants among the hundreds of food establishments. The selection of best restaurants listed in the directory is made through a survey among clients who experience good food and comment on the online survey.

The directory’s managing director, Lisa Grech, said that the final list of restaurants was made on the basis of over three clients who ate an average of two meals a week at restaurants and filled the online survey on their experience not only in served food but also in the service and the restaurant’s environment, among other factors.

The survey was evaluated by a specialised American company to certify the validity of each answer given in the survey. Mrs Grech added that diversity and restaurants’ quality from clients’ perspective reaches higher levels. This year another 24 restaurants were listed in the directory.

40 restaurants were this year awarded on various criteria. The best honour based on the survey went to Tarragon restaurant which, for the third time since 2014, classified first according to the directory of restaurants on the Maltese islands.

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