Better organization on second day of “tallinja card”

Malta Public Transport (MPT) hs confirmed that as from today it has engaged more people to manage the increase of registrations for the “tallinja card”.  In a statement it said that in the last 24 hours, a record number of 7,500 registrations had been processed.

It also said that a kiosk has been opened for this purpose in the zone in Valletta known as “Biskuttin” where registrations can be also be made. This will allow the kiosk at City Gate to focus on those who need to top up their card or who need general information.

After a visit to the kiosk this morning, as can be seen by the photo, can confirm that today the organization of the system has improved considerably.

For the  next few days, the company has also increased the number of people it has at its call centre to reply to difficulties which the public might come up against.

Malta Public Transport has encouraged the public to use the website to register for the  “tallinja card”.