Betty – a firstborn to proud parents Yoggi u Paddy

The owners of the Imtaħleb animal park, Christopher Borg and Oxana, are proud to announce a welcome addition to the park, this time around a firstborn to the happy bear couple Yoggi and Paddy. Yoggi is the female bear and Paddy is the proud father, and they have been in the park since they were just a few months old. Today both parents are seven years old.

“It has always been my wish to have a baby bear born in the park to this bear couple. This wish has now become a reality.”

The owners have always wished to have a baby bear born in the park, and mama bear gave birth just over a month ago, with the offspring being named Betty. Baby Betty is being bottle-fed, as mama bear stopped suckling her.

Chris’s wife Oksana said it is not easy to cope with a baby bear, as it needs feeding every three hours. Oksana is used to coping with baby tigers, but a baby bear is a totally different kettle of fish.

“It’s different than with the tigers, the way she drinks, the way she moves, and the noise she makes, a different experience.”

Betty is a calm bruin and loves her milk feed, followed by cuddles before nodding off.

“This is a teddy bear which moves and shows all sorts of emotions.”

Whenever there is a new addition to the park, the owners are understandably overjoyed, just like with any new birth in a family, as an animal birth always brings with it a sense of happiness.

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