WATCH: PN Parliamentary Group meets – persons gather outside Dar Ċentrali

At about 7.00 pm this evening at the PN’s Dar Ċentrali the Party’s Parliamentary Group began the meeting that had been called by PN Leader Adrian Delia.

This followed after the report published in “The Sunday Times of Malta” revealing messages exchanged between Delia and Yorgen Fenech after it became known that Fenech was the owner of the company 17 Black.

On the Sunday evening itself an unofficial meeting was convened in which about 16 MPs but about which no comments were made to the media.

Again today no comments were expressed by MPs entering the Dar Ċentrali for the Parliamentary Group meeting.

Meanwhile, a number of PN supporters gathered outside the Dar Ċentrali, showing support for Adrian Delia and with some waving PN flags.

To keep updated on this meeting at about 8.15 pm we will link with colleague Nigel Mifsud in a direct transmission.

Further details as they develop.