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A piece of steak laced with gold brings controversy for Ribery

A piece of meat eaten by the Bayern Munich footballer Franck Ribery has created wholesale controversy.

Everything revolves around a video that was posted on social media which featured the French footballer tucking into a piece of steak decorated in gold and cooked by the chef of international fame, Salt Bae.

The piece of steak was said to have cost €300 and this caused anger among a number of people who accused Ribery of showing a total lack respect for those who are hungry.

However, Ribery did not mince his words when he said that what he termed as pseudo-journalists had never featured the times when he had contributed to charity but were ready to criticise when he took his family on holiday and now, the food he ate.

The Sport Director of Bayern Munich announced he had spoken with Ribery who had agreed to pay fines for the insults he had written on social media.

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