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Biggest seizure of 300kg of cocaine in Malta – valued between €50 and €80 million

Customs officials discovered over 300kg of cocaine while inspecting a container supposedly containing cans of pineapple at the Malta Freeport. This is considered as one of the biggest findings of cocaine in the country. Sources speaking to said that first analysis indicate that the seized drugs have a value of between €50 million and €80 million.

The container, which was transiting through Malta on its way from Ecuador to Spain, was flagged as a potential high risk container following risk analysis performed by the customsdepartment. Upon physical inspection, Customs officials uncovered six large sacks containing several hold-all bags carrying over 300Kg of a white substance, which following a narcotics fields test conducted by Customs officials, gave a positive indication for cocaine.

It is estimated that the seized drugs have a street value of tens of millions of euro, however, such value which is to be confirmed following a purity analysis is accurate weighing.

Customs officials requested the assistance of the Police Department and informed the duty magistrate of the case. Both Customs Department and the Police Department are continuing their investigations, and the contents of the cans are now also being inspected.