Current Affairs
Bill to be proposed to increase penalties for those who assault Police officers

The Home Affairs and National Security Minister, Michael Farrugia, said that the Government would be proposing a Bill to increase penalties for those who are found guilty of physically attacking a member of the Police Force.

Minister Farrugia was speaking at a ceremony in which 41 former members of the Police force, including eight women, were reinstated into the Force as reserves. This grade was introduced for the first time 1924, and was reactivated in February 2014.

The Minister said that the time has come to conclude the talks on the sectoral agreement for the Police force which should not only improve their wages and allowances, but even their working conditions. He said that next year infrastructural work at a number of police stations would be carried out and investment would be increased both in the training of human resources as well as in the investment of more equipment.

The Police Commissioner, Lawrence Cutajar, described 2017, as a  year of achievements for the Police Force as investigations have led to the breaking of several criminal rings and a record number of drug hauls.