Billion dinars held at Freeport: “We will give them back to Libya when the Libyans agree among themselves”

For a meeting scheduled for next month in Tunisia, representatives from the Libyan factions have a proposal in front of them which among other things, ensures a wide representation from all sides in Libya of all those who are leading the country.

Malta has continued to fulfil its central role in striving for peace and stability in Libya, with another two delegations currently in our country: namely, the Defence Minister and the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament.

Libyan families are returning to Tripoli after they had to escape from the area because of the civil war in Libya. Family members described how they feel lucky that they had not met the same destiny as their relatives who died during the war.

The conflict between Libyan factions has been going on for 9 years. The cease fire which was signed earlier this week in Geneva between the Libyan factions has brought about a new air of optimism for a new beginning in Libya.

This development was among the themes which were discussed in the meeting between the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Evarist Bartolo and a delegation led by the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament,  Aguila Saleh. Minister Bartolo said that during the talks the Libyan Speaker seemed optimistic about the meetings scheduled to take place in Tunisia next month between the different Libyan factions.

“Their proposal is for a representative to be there if, for example, the President is appointed from Tripoli. Then there would be two vice-presidents, one from the east and the other from the south of Libya.”

He added that the Maltese Government believes in one, united Libya.

Asked about the billion Libyan dinars being held at the Freeport by Maltese authorities, Minister Bartolo said that the Government had even been given advice to burn them, but it chose another path.

“We said , ‘no’ and we decided we will keep them and give them back to Libya when the Libyans come to an agreement between themselves. We mentioned this in the meeting. We told them that that money which they need so badly, is still there. When they agree among themselves to use it for the benefit of all of Libya, we will gladly return it.”

The Libyan delegation has continued with its meeting with the President of the Republic and the Chamber of Commerce.

Meanwhile, early yesterday afternoon, the Libyan Minister of Defence, Salahedin Namroush, arrived for official meetings with the Home Affairs and National Security Minister Byron Camilleri.