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BirdLife Malta initiates research project on turtledoves migration

BirdLife Malta has initiated a research project on turtledove migration. Following the tagging of three turtledoves during spring, the organisation said that two of the birds returned in Europe and it speculated that the other one was killed in Gozo because its tracking chip discontinued to transmit information on the bird.

Marija, Hope and Virginijus are the three turtledoves which were released by BirdLife as part of its research project, aimed at following the turtledoves’ migration movements between Europe and Africa. The five-gram chip works with solar energy and transmits information of the turtledove route. BirdLife said that two of the birds are still transmitting their movement while it speculated that the other one was killed before it left Maltese shores.

BirdLife added added that the project’s aim is to assist in the recovery of the decreasing species. Conservation officer Nicholas Barbara said the project is underway with the assistance of their partners in Germany and through the dedication of volunteers who are placing Malta on the international map of research to safeguard the species in Europe.

While expressing its disappointment for losing one of the birds, BirdLife said it is satisfied that two turtledoves arrived to nest in safe areas in Umbria and in Sicily.