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BirdLife Malta says PN should not give in to pressure from hunters

BirdLife Malta Chief Executive Mark Sultana has stated that the Nationalist Party should uphold the spirit of the Acquis Communitaire and should not bow to pressure from the hunters’ lobby. Sultana added that if the PN wants to respect public opinion, it cannot renege on the commitment to implement European Union directives on the protection of nature and birds.

Mr Sultana was speaking during a meeting held yesterday with Opposition and PN Leader Dr Bernard Grech at the PN Headquarters.

BirdLife Malta declared in a statement that Infringement Procedures initiated recently by the European Commission against the Maltese Government in regard to all hunting and trapping derogations in force, and the unexpected handing over of the Miżieb and l-Aħrax areas to the hunting lobby were among themes discussed during the meeting with the PN Leader. A delegation of the Council of BirdLife Malta was in attendance.

It was further stated that in regard to hunting and trapping, Chief Executive Mark Sultana explained the situation in the wake of the moving of the bird protection enforcement from the Environment and Resources Authority and the creation of a Wild Birds Regulation Unit, WBRU, which is run by trappers.

BirdLife Malta said it presented Dr Grech with results showing that last year was a record year for illegal hunting.