Birkirkara Local Council embarks on literary life project

There are many Local Councils whose work and focus is not solely public administration and cleanliness but who take educational and cultural initiatives. The Birkirkara Local Council has just embarked on a life project – the publication of books which are all works of authors from the locality .

The Birkirkara Local Council has published four new books, all of which shed light on different aspects of the largest localities in Malta.

The books are Ktieb tas-Soltu minn Ħas-Sajjied, il-Lirika ta’ Birkirkara (Birkirkara Lyrics) u Nisa Narrattivi (Female narratives) – all three by Tarcisio Zarb – and the second edition of Muża Karkarkiża (Birkirkara Muses) – which is a collection of literary works by Prison writers by Terry Muscat.

At the virtual launch of the new books, Professor Charles Briffa said that these publications are the result of research into what makes man what he is.

“When we talk about culture, this is about beliefs, attitudes, trends, moods and even behavior,” Professor Charles Briffa said.

Birkirkara Mayor Joanne Debona Grech said that Tarcisio Zarb’s trilogy gives a picture of the roots of the people of Birkirkara, including their life in the past, their dialect and their identity. He explained that the second edition of “Musa Karkariża” is a collection of writings that were read during a literary evening.

“These are literary people gathering their literature with a collection of their activities and we as a Council promote it as a book so that their literature and their identity survives,” said Mayor Joanne Debono Grech.

This is not the first time that the Birkirkara Local Council has published a book. Among the books already published are Born in Birkirkara and Professor Charles Briffa’s Karkarisi Nicknames, as well as Niches, Statues and Crucifixes in the Streets of Birkirkara by Philip Xuereb.

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