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Birżebbuġa waterpolo club welcomes children from primary schools in the South of Malta

The Birżebbuġa waterpolo club has begun an initiative in collaboration with the Authorities in Education to encourage more students to take up swimming and/ or water polo.

Students from schools in the south of Malta are benefitting from this initiative, while club managers are hoping to reap the fruits and are keeping their eyes open for potential waterpolo talent.

In the coming days, 450 children from primary schools in the south of Malta, will be attending swimming and water polo activities organized by the Birzebbuga waterpolo club inaugurated three years ago.

The activities are being held with a view to promoting aquatic sports among children. The club is offering free professional training to 10 students, who shall be handpicked during the next four days after being identified as having the potential to be professional swimmers.

The Club’s head coach, Simon Cutajar, said that this initiative was also being carried out to expand the club’s activity. “Particularly in the South of the island, we try to attract as many promising children as we possibly can to our catchment area”.

The initiative was welcomed by schools and students alike.

Schirin Spiteri, a student from the primary school in Zurrieq maintained that the initiative “is good for our health, and when we come to swim in the sea we won’t be afraid. ”

Matteo Camilleri, also from Zurrieq primary school, said “we are having fun and enjoying swimming lessons – toing and froing, leg-kicking.”

The Club’s head coach said that swimming offered many physical benefits and more was being done to make this sport popular throughout the year and not just in the summer.

“Clubs everywhere are trying to invest in heated swimming pools. Our aim is to have a heated swimming pool one day.”

During a visit to the swimming pool, Parliamentary Secretary Clifton Grima said that in addition to the infrastructural investment undertaken for this sport, an investment is also being made in the athletes by means of several initiatives. Dr Grima said that education was a pillar in the national sports strategy and such initiatives attracted more students and their families to participate in sports.

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