Bitch sold on eBay to recoup unpaid taxes

In Germany, a family who did not pay all of the taxes had its bitch confiscated, including the tax due on animals. Bitch Edda was taken away by authorities in Alhen and sold on eBay for €750.

The dog’s new owner, Michaela Jordan, initiated a case against the local authorities as the advertising for the bitch sale did not including the unhealthy state of Edda. Jordan told journalists that she had to pay lots of money to treat her new pet.

It appears that the bitch underwent four operations in her eyes, with Jordan spending some €1,800. Now she is seeking compensation from authorities.

Reports said that an investigation is being held to establish if the procedure used for the selling of the bitch was correct. The advert was published on the personal profile of one of the employees of the authorities involved in the case.

The bitch original owner told journalists that the authorities did not correctly handle the situation and believes that Edda’s confiscation was illegal. She added that her three children are brokenhearted for the loss of their loving bitch.

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