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Without a formal agreement, Brexit will be disruptive – Alfred Sant

According to EU MP Alfred Sant, the challenges of the Euro Zone are of a political nature and for the Zone to remain solid it needs a solid structure.

While addressing an information session to commemorate 20 years of the Euro’s introduction in the EU, Dr Sant said that the measures that may be taken are limited or otherwise encounter problems for their implementation.

The MEP said that-the Euro itself has a great advantage because it is popular with the people of the EU who still want a common currency, including the people of Greece regardless of the fact that austerity had been placed on them.

While continually exchanging views with the public, Dr Sant covered various themes including Brexit and its impact and said that without any formal agreement Brexit will disrupt everything because customs and tariff controls will have to be re-introduced once more.

The discussion was organised by the EU Parliament’s Office in Malta at Dar l-Ewropa, in Valletta.