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Blame each other for aggressive relationship

Well-known actor Johnny Depp has accused his ex-wife Amber Heard of painting bruises on herself, and denied ever having beaten her.  Hollywood stars Depp and Heard had tied the knot in 2015 and divorced two years later, with both sides accusing the other of violence.

After Heard wrote an article in the Washington Post in December, describing herself as a victim of domestic violence, Depp instituted a $50 million Court case against her for defamation damages.

In his declaration Depp denied Heard’s allegations that he used to beat her, with videos shown by witnesses and taken from security cameras, showing she did not have the same bruises every day. The actor said he would continue to deny the charges for as long as he lived.

The actor added that he had never abused his ex-wife, or indeed any other woman. He alleged, however, that Heard used to mix amphetamines and other tablets with alcohol, and would become aggressive towards him as a result, even sometimes causing him injuries.

Heard’s lawyer denied Depp’s allegations, stating the evidence was clear and Depp had beaten Heard on a number of occasions. The lawyer stated that Depp’s desperate attempts to move ahead again in his career were useless.

Depp and Heard had met when they were both working on The Rum Diary in 2011. They had got married in Los Angeles in February of 2015, and a year later Heard had obtained a protection order after charging him with abuse, a charge he has always denied.

The couple decided to divorce in 2017, with Heard deciding to donate the $7 million she had obtained from Depp to charity. Both actors signed an agreement not to air their relationship in public.


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