Blast off Rocket – favourite activity among students who visit Esplora

The aim of the interactive science centre, Esplora, is to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The Centre in Kalkara has presented an educational program for the upcoming school year to teachers, on the facilities and resources at the Centre, aimed at ensuring that science reaches more students.

“They have a lot of fun, despite sometimes requiring an explanation” explained Suzanne Deguara (teacher).

“They love it, are very focused and their attention span is significant because they are creating things themselves.” said the teacher Gladys Mercieca (teacher).

Clayton Cutajar, Esplora Manager, said that the Centre was equipped with materials, equipment, technology and other exhibits, which are regularly updated to make learning more effective.

“The teachers give us a lot of feedback; Esplora is an extension of the school syllabus which supports teachers but of course Esplora is not just related to the syllabus but goes beyond. Here we have many exhibits that combine learning with everyday life, “explained Mr Cutajar.

Ryan Ruggieri, an Esplora official said the program was suitable for all ages and included events related to particular times of the year.

“At the moment their favourite activity is ‘Blast Off”, where they are able to build a rocket as a team, and then launch the rocket in our plaza. This is one of our favorite activities,” said Mr. Ruggieri.

Esplora Chairman Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, stressed that the program’s ultimate goal was to incentivize more students to study and specialize in science subjects. “The ultimate purpose of the centre was to attract and enthuse students, children, young men and women to take up science subjects.”

A painting was also inaugurated at the Centre commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of American astronauts landing on the moon. The painting contains the foot prints of a hundred people who attended an activity marking this anniversary last July.

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