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Blow for Theresa May after she loses important Brexit vote

British PM Theresa May received a major blow after she lost an important Parliamentary vote on Brexit while she was trying to convince the MPs who are sceptical of the Brexit deal with the EU.

The Ministers will have to publish the full legal advice which was given on the deal, after Parliament, with 311 in favour and 293 against, supported a motion and found the Government in contempt of Parliament for only publishing part of the advice.

The majority of the MPs agreed to be directly involved in what was happening in case the Brexit deal does not obtain the full support of Parliament next Tuesday.

At the beginning of the five- day debate on the deal, PM May said that the division which has been created because of Brexit has undermined politics in the UK.  She added that the public believes that this issue has taken long enough and should be resolved as soon as possible.

On 11 December, the UK Parliament will give its verdict on whether it agrees with the Brexit deal which was reached between May’s Government and the EU.