Boat ramps should not be obstructed

Transport Malta is conveying the message that ramps leading down to the sea should not be obstructed.

The Authority has been affixing notices and painting signs on the ground close to the ramps in the past weeks to remind that it is not permissible to tie up boats or park vehicles or trailers in a way which blocks the ramps.

Transport Malta added that their officials carry out surprise inspections, both from land and from the seaward side, to ensure the ramp are not obstructed. It further stated that anyone placing obstructions on the ramps with boats, trailers or vehicles will be issued with a summons. The fine for anyone obstructing from land is just over 100 euro, and obstructions from the seaward side can result in a fine going up to 300 euro.

The Authority also reminded that no swimming is permitted on the ramps or where boats are tied up. It added that swimming close to boats can be dangerous. For this summer Transport Malta has identified 50 swimming zones around Malta and Gozo, and has urged swimmers to restrict themselves to these zones.