Body art by world body painting champion in Malta

Every form of art is fascinating and requires great creativity.

A form of art in Malta which is still in its infancy is that of body painting, which contrary to permanent tattoos, is temporary. recently met up with the world body painting champion.

Many people might think that this might be a colourful skin-tight dress. However, on closer inspection, one can admire the artistic skill of the body painters who many times work  on bodies which are nude, except for very thin underpants.

We met with one of the world’s best body painters, Italian Matteo Arfanotti who is currently in Malta.

“I don’t see the body but I see what I have to do so I’m just concentrated on what I have to do in mainly 6 hours.”

We met with Matteo while he was working on  Naomi Formosa whom he changed into a mermaid full of different colours fused with elements inspired by monsters.

Contrary to art on canvas, a body painter works on the body with all the challenges it brings with it.

“Just try to follow the body lines and not to cut them, so it must be fluent and all linked to the body.”

In Malta, body painting is still in its early stages and is mostly used for promotional events, concerts or fashion shows. In order to raise more awareness about body and face painting, a festival will be held at  Valletta Cruise Port in November.

Daniel Formosa from the Iscosas Body Painting Festival Malta said, “This Festival will consist of many different types of art, from body painting to face painting, workshops as well as markets.”

This activity will include the granting of three awards for the best body painter, best face painter and best model.