Body of Russian Ambassador killed in Turkey taken back to Russia

The body of the Russian Ambassador, Andrey Karlov who on Monday evening was killed in cold blood, in Ankara, Turkey, was taken back to Russia in a coffin covered by the white, red and blue colours of the Russian flag..

During the funeral service at  Ankara airport, the Turkish Deputy PM said that Karlob was a symbol of friendship between Turkey and Russia.

Meanwhile, Russian investigators arrived in Turkey to try and establish whether the aggressor, Mevlut Mert Altintas – a 22-year-old Turkish Polish officer – had acted alone or was part of a bigger group. He was killed shortly afterwards by a member of Turkey’s special secret forces. The Police interrogated six people, including five relatives of the aggressor, who at the time of the attack began shouting “Don’t forget Aleppo”. The murder was caught on camera by a photographer from the Associated Press who happened to be taking photos of the exhibit for which the Russian Ambassador was present.