Book by Klabb Kotba Maltin to commemorate first anniversary of Pawlu Mizzi’s death

Klabb Kotba Maltin has recently published the book ‘Mid-Dinja Ċkejkna Tiegħi: Il-Kitbiet ta’ Pawlu Mizzi.’, a publication which commemorates the first anniversary of the death of Pawlu Mizzi, the founder of Klabb Kotba Maltin.

The book is based on a simple style, a dialect which gives identity and the moral and spiritual qualities that make every Gozitan human. In the publication, Pawlu Mizzi introduces to readers a number profiles of Gozitans who distinguished themselves in local public life and others who were close to the author.

Anthropologist Mark Anthony Falzon says that the book introduces an air of social realism as the author, among others, attacks ‘the structure of power and the elite who feed them’. Prof. Falzon believes that change comes along through individuals who remain a part of the system, however they seek to change it from the inside without breaking the framework.

The book was edited by Servio Grech together with Francesco Pio Attard. Visit website to see excerpts of the publication.

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