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Board which evaluates Facebook contents decides in favour of Trump’s prohibition

A specialised and independent board that evaluates the contents of Facebook and Instagram has decided on the prohibition of Donald Trump having a platform on these social media while criticising the permanent nature but arbitrary manner taken to inflict the suspension which said this is not the normal manner in which Facebook reacts to such laments.

The board ordered Facebook to reconsider its decision and produce a proportionate reply with the final decision taken reflecting and being consistent with regulations that are used and apply to all other Facebook users. The Board concluded that Facebook should take a final decision within the next six months.

Meanwhile, former US President Trump launched his own personal platform space to enable him to post his messages a day prior to the board’s conclusions.

His blog ‘From the Desk of Donald J Trump’ appeared on his own personal website where videos, messages and pictures may be posted and which may also be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook’s prohibition was consequent to violent protests in the US Capitol in January the resulted in five fatalities with activists saying these had been angered and enflamed by posts Trump had posted on social media.