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Boris Johnson again comes out against the Maltese – this time about obesity!

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has once more made a disparaging reference to Malta, which has not gone down well with the Maltese. This after he had laughed at the Maltese way back in 2012 when they had purchased bendy buses from the British.

This time around, Johnson is warning the people about the dangers of obesity and says Malta is the only country in Europe where, for some reason, the inhabitants are more obese than their UK counterparts.

Mr Johnson was referring to a report published by the World Health Organisation four years ago, which had placed Malta third in Europe with the highest obesity rate, and first in the European Union.

Whilst only a few contradicted this statistic, many felt offended that the British Prime Minister had seen fit to involve Malta, and there were others who even tried to point out the reason for this issue.

Besides references to the colonial mentality and lack of wholesome food which the Maltese inherited from the British, some countered with criticism of the health services in Britain, and other compared the physical health of the British Prime Minister with that of his Maltese counterpart.

There were others who agreed with Johnson, stressing that instead of feeling offended, the Maltese should commit themselves to change the situation.

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