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UPDATED: Boris Johnson elected as U.K.’s new Prime Minister

Boris Johnson has been elected Conservative Party leader, and from tomorrow will start serving as UK Prime Minister. Johnson obtained two-thirds of the votes in an election among members of the Conservative Party.  He had been contested by Jeremy Hunt.

55-year-old Johnson, described as a Brexiteer, reiterates he will take his country out of the EU within the next three months.

At the end of a nearly two-month-long campaign, Johnson acquired the support of over 66% of just under 160,000 members of the Conservative Party who voted in an election between him and Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt.

Through this victory, Johnson is assured of the Premiership and of replacing Theresa May in 10 Downing Street. Theresa May had announced at the end of May that she would resign after her plan to take the UK out of the EU has not succeeded because of resistance from Parliament.

The other candidate, Jeremy Hunt, stated that while disappointed with the result, he is convinced Johnson will overcom the challenges facing the country and be an excellent Prime Minister.

In London, the general reaction among the public is that Boris Johnson will be another Donald Trump.

Johnson will be appointed Prime Minister tomorrow afternoon, and will immediately start tackling the country’s major challenges, particularly the implementation of Brexit by the end of October, and development of strong relations with US President Donald Trump, trying to reduce the tension with Iran, and governing without a Parliamentary majority.

Besides all this, his popularity within the party is not guaranteed. Finance Minister Philip Hammond said he would resign if  Johnson became Prime Minister, and another Minister has also resigned in recent days.

Donald Trump was one of the first to congratulate Theresa May’s successor, and his daughter Ivanka Trump also congratulated Johnson, even if she made a mistake in her tweet and referred to him as Prime Minister of the United Kingston!





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