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Boy cured of leukemia just as doctors had given up

An eight-year-old boy from Lancashire had been suffering from leukemia from the age of two. Doctors tried everything to cure him, including marrow transplants and chemotherapy, but were unsuccessful.

The boy was regressing so much that at a certain point doctors were considering stopping the treatment. The doctors diagnosed that the boy would not make it to Christmas. Unexpectedly, however, when everyone had given up, the boy’s condition started to improve.

Doctors are considering this as a miracle, as Julian’s case was a very rare one – in fact, one in about seven billion who go through this situation. Julian’s rare form of cancer, however, improved considerably, and the leukemia is no longer considered as acute, but rather, curable.

His mother Aneta is convinced that the special diet she was feeding her son, consisting of milk made from plants and used as a natural remedy for sick persons, water with alkaline and fresh squeezed fruit, have led to Julian taking a turn for the better.

As far as the doctors are concerned, this is a case which could only be cured through a miracle with Julian!


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