Boy who survived cable car accident starts emerging from coma – he coughs and starts breathing

A five-year-old boy who survived the tragedy which occurred on Sunday after a cable car carrying him and 14 others, fell near the Maggiore river in Northern Italy, has started to recover.

Young Eiten, who is recovering at the children’s hopsital Regina Margherita in Turin, began coughing and started breathing on his own. This has given doctors hope that that he might survive.

It is understood that the boy did not sustain grievous head or facial injuries thanks to his father who hugged him to shield him from the fall.

The medical team taking care of Eitan today began the process of bringing the boy out of his come and he began to open his eyes.

The Hebrew communities in Turin, Rome and Milan began collecting money to help Eitan as much as possible once he learns about the loss of his beloved family.

In another development, footage taken by a CCTV camera in the area shows the cable car as it plummeted down at more than 100 km per hour.

In this tragedy,  Eitan lost his mother, father, younger brother and great grandparents.