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Brazilian footballer found tortured and killed after sharing this photo

Daniel Freitas, a professional footballer with the Brazilian team Sao Bento ended up tortured and killed after being embroiled in a sex scandal.

Freitas lost his life on 27 October at the age of 24 after he shared a photo of himself in bed with a 35-year-old woman.

It appears that Freitas was invited to an extravagant party by Allana Brittes, 18, who comes from a family of wealthy businessmen, and after a night of partying and drinking, he ended up in bed with her mother.

Daniel decided to take a selfie with the woman asleep in the bed next to him and shared it with his friends, which was a kind of habitual ‘joke’ between them every time they slept with someone. Two hours later, the midfielder was found dead in a forest not far from the residence.

Freitas was tortured before he was killed and only one of his friends was able to recognize Daniel who had been disfigured as a result of the injuries which had been inflicted on him. Daniel was found with his throat slashed and his genitals cut off.

An investigation was opened which found the Brittes family guilty of his murder. The father, Edison Brittes, admitted that  he had assaulted Freitas and killed him after opening the bedroom door and caught him trying to rape his wife in his own home. The mother and daughter were also found guilty of murder and of hiding the evidence.

The Police are still trying to establish whether Freitas had intercourse with the woman or not.

The football club he used to play with paid tribute to the memory of the player with a Tweet where they expressed their sorrow at the news, while extending their solidarity to his friends and relatives.


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