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Breakdown in May-Corbyn Brexit talks

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has stated that Brexit talks which were ongoing between his party and the Conservatives led by Prime Minister Theresa May have collapsed.

Corbyn stated the talks had been going on for six weeks between Government and Opposition, and insisted they could not go on because of more weakness and instability by Government.

The two sides are expected to discuss  a number of choices available to MPs to unblock the situation. May promised yesterday that she would be resigning as Prime Minister after the next Brexit vote.

This vote is expected to be taken on 3 June, this being the first occasion for British MPs in Parliament to vote folowing presentation of the law regarding the UK’s exit from the Europen Union,which has to be implemented through agreement between both sides.

If this vote fails to pass, the intention of Theresa May is that she will step down from the leadership, a position in which Boris Johnson has already shown interest.


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